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Related article: Date : Wed, August 6, 2008 March 15. 53 -0700 ( PDT ) From: David u003cvadarkwolf yahoo. com u003e Subject : Broken Chapter 3 Disclaimer: If you type n under the legal age or viewing illegal content under the laws of your country, as I have no intend to read the Set the following disclaimer to say nothing of the story. I do not know the the sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, and is purely coincidental s not recognized by any person which may resemble each character. This story is purely fictitious and sexual content and crude language. if that do not prefer same-sex couples, or anything else that has to do with homosexuality, then I suggest you not read this story. ======================== Kenny leaned Cody 's ear " Randy may have to say what you want, but you definitely have the nicest ass, no matter what you think. " Cody smiled and pressed her hips back against Charlie. Charlie took this as a go characters forward and slowly began to push his new young girlfriend. CharlieCody 's body leaned forward until his mouth was right next to the ear of the Cody. " Why not condemn me much before," as always back. "I knew I wanted. " "I have a piece of ass so naturally, if you're going to have to provide a will not be silent. " n " Oh," Cody said as he continued on his hips, shoulders, like Charlie go beat his ass. " Well, every time they want a piece, how bout you come and look me up," Cody smiled as she wrapped her legs Charlie 's waist. "Do not say that the child or I will knock on your door every night," laughed Preteen Toplist Charlie. A few inches away Randy Kenny had curled into a ball about to get deeply in love with him. Kenny had nothing to do but mourn "oh yeah Randy more. " And Randy did everything possible for him as he could. " Like the No Dykstra," Randy said, smiling at him, as the sweat of his body joined Kenny on his chest. " Randy course, turn off the tattoos mand in both, "said Kenny, holding n on the shoulders of Randy. " I like your tattoos as "Randy said bent neck and bites Kenny smooth. n n "I want to get a new, but enough of this chat n catch me alone Orton. " " Sure, " said Randy starts again faster now that does not close pushing s peak. In the meantime, Charlie Rose hips Cody was further from the Earth n keep your legs around his waist, and it was really pumping his new young friend. He was leading man in the ass and out of the n groans of the two bodies, one could say they were each in a his own world. n is called the door and froze everyone in the room and looked to the door to ask who was..... ============== == continued It'm sorry it took so long to produce a new chapter, but things have \\ \\ n been busy at work and all these things to see. but I'm relaxed written as the next chapter about as quickly as possible. I wanted to publish this, so we all know that did not settle in the face of the Earth and that still continues. Thanks for all the love vadarkwolf yahoo. com s http://www. myspace. com / vadarkwolf
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